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Jewel Tea Historical Foundation (JTHF) is a public Foundation dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of Jewel Tea Company, Inc. history. The Foundation collects Jewel Tea products, documents, and Autumn Leaf China. The JTHF offers educational programs and seminars highlighting the history of this company and the contribution of it’s employees.

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Strategic Goals
Collecting Documents, Objects, and irreplaceable information: pictures, records, publications, advertising, product development, business plans, building plans, finance plans, and product containers should be collected prior to 1955. An important supporting objective will be to collect oral interviews of still living employees who made contributions to Jewel Tea and its related companies and who can contribute important, never before documented, information concerning the Company and the people and culture that made Jewel Tea a national institution.

Conservation of Documents and Objects: A policy will be developed which can be used to decide which documents and objects should be preserved in “state of art” long time storage. A policy of preserving the materials will be adopted and funds raised to finance this undertaking.

Display Documents and Objects: The Foundation will support various effective methods of displaying the history of Jewel Tea to inform the public about the contribution of the Company and its employees.

Cultural Enrichment: The foundation will strive to enrich the culture and educate future generations about this segment of the American economy and to commemorate the work ethic, the energy and the imagination of the unique employees who built and operated the Jewel Tea group of companies.

Educational Seminars and Publications: The foundation will seek to maximize the use of collected materials and displays and to promote the Foundation, we hope to establish an educational institution to attract people who may have an interest in studying and understanding the methods and organization of Jewel Tea and its related companies.

Mission of the Jewel Tea Historical Foundation

In 2000 we have moved to our new location in the "Old Barrington Center" at 212 W. Main Street in Barrington, IL. Please call 847.381.1730 for information about our events and exhibits.