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What Happened to the True Meaning of Memorial Day?

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What can be done to help restore the special dignity that this day is entitled to? Here are some simple things that ordinary citizens can do to honor the fallen heroes on this special day;

  • VISIT THE LOCAL CEMETARY- Take a few minutes and go to the local cemetery on Memorial Day. Many cemeteries put up small American flags on the graves of the deceased veterans. Such a sight is a powerful reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that these men and women made for their country.
  • ATTEND A MEMORIAL DAY PARADE - Once a mainstay of city and small towns alike, the traditional Memorial Day Parade is slowly fading into oblivion because of fiscal constraints and other entertainment options that are available over the long holiday weekend. Showing support by attendance at this event will not only honor the military veterans who are participating in the parade, but may also encourage public officials and civic organizations to continue their sponsorship of this important piece of Americana.
  • GIVE A LASTING TRIBUTE GIFT - On this coming Memorial Day, consider giving a dignified memorial gift to the family of the fallen hero. Garden stones, benches, memorial wind chimes, or frames engraved with the deceased's name will be greatly appreciated by those who now must live without the one they loved.

Perhaps the easiest way that we can show our appreciation for our fallen brothers and sisters is participating in the National Moment of Remembrance. At 3:00 p.m. on Memorial Day, all Americans are requested to pause from what they are doing to reflect and appreciate the men and women of the armed forces who died defending our freedoms. In these seconds of united remembrance, the true meaning of Memorial Day can be genuinely appreciated by all Americans.

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