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The following are historical facts related to the Kitsons and the Creets of Palatine and Barrington, and of people related to them. The dates of different incidents have been researched and checked by me (Roger McCabe).
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Blacksmith Shop Articles

Jim Siebert's love of blacksmithing is more straight forward than the hot metal he bends. "I just like working with hot metal, forming metal, working with hammer and anvil, working with my hands," he said.
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'Heating & Beating' are Blacksmith's Skills.

By Roger McCabe

By Tom Johnston
Staff writer Pioneer Press, Thursday, November 11, 2004 

image of the Creet Blacksmith shop with a title reading "The Story of The Creet Family: Barrington's First Blacksmith by Roger McCabe".

In 2000 we have moved to our new location in the "Old Barrington Center" at 212 W. Main Street in Barrington, IL. Please call 847.381.1730 for information about our events and exhibits.

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Family History Exhibit Brochure.

Much has been written about our modest Blacksmith shop at Old Barrington Center.  Take a look at the HTML and .PDF documents that provide both popular articles along with first-hand information that has been thoroughly researched and vetted by family members of the Creet and Wichman families along with museum volunteers. 

Creet Blacksmith Shop